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About Us

Founded in 2004 by Charlie Fowler and Damon Johnston, Mountain World Media LLC is a small publishing company located in Telluride, Colorado. Our focus is the publication of mountain-related literature such as regional guidebooks for outdoor pursuits and children’s adventure books. Committed to ensuring a healthy environment for future generations, we seek out printing partners that employ sustainable practices. In addition to using recycled papers and soy-based inks, we explore the cleanest shipping methods to minimize our carbon footprint. As we grow our business, we will take responsibility for our actions on this planet. For fun, check out our Personal Methane Offset Calculator (PMOC) … and then the links that offer offsets for your stinkprint.


We want to hear about that guidebook you’ve been meaning to write or update. Mountain World Media specializes in publications about areas that are little known to the larger world and we encourage authors who have intimate knowledge of remote or off-the-beaten path playgrounds for a range of activities—rock and ice climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, BASE jumping, mountain biking, hiking, etc—to shoot us an email. With your content and our ability to design, edit, print, market, and distribute, we might have a book between us.